Friuli by Johannes Revet (1860-1908)

First I would like to thank my wife for her patient and good-humoured support for this project. It must be very difficult for the spouse of a doddering, eccentric octogenarian travel writer who insists on visiting regions that are as yet (thank goodness) completely unknown to most English tourists. Secondly my appreciation must extend to Robert Foster my agent who has managed to secure the funding for this journey despite my advancing years (and the mortality risks that go with it) and the not insubstantial doubts about whether or not anyone will actually read my book when I've finally written it!  Finally and perhaps more importantly I an indebted to Mr Luigi Revet, descendant of the artist who created the painting which adorns this site, for his friendship over many years and his kind offer to act as my guide, mentor, companion and landlord for during my stay in a city which he obviously loves very deeply.

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