To begin with, I'm not an expert in website developing or testing, and I admire the single day car insurance site developer's dedication.

Firstly, the homepage has an American look, but I may be wrong. I say this because of the left lower bar section, the white background, the different fonts, different spacing, especially in the name of the site at the top, different colours that don’t seem to blend well (black, brown, red, yellow, blue, white and grey).

The message behind the website is nice, clear. The grammar is some of the best I’ve seen today. Paragraph 2, line 3 needs a comma after the word ‘cover’. The ‘©’ symbol should be added before the word ‘Copyright’ at the base of the page.

As I click the first tab, ‘Auctions’ in the left side bar, I see that a background image pops up- unusual not to have seen it on the homepage, as well-. The name of the website is now written differently, with no space between ‘car’ and ‘insurance’. The ‘click here now for a quotation!’ button takes me to a form that bizarrely has a different website’s name, URL and logo on it. Returning to our initial website, the 1st line of the 3rd paragraph needs revising. Paragraph 4, line 2 is incorrect. Replace ‘a long’ with ‘along’, ‘and’ with ‘any’ and in line 3, the second ‘that’ could be converted to ‘the’ to increase legibility, and also a comma would work well between ‘minutes’ and ‘but’.
The 'Do You Qualify' page: par.1 needs some commas before the 'but's and last 'not'. Par.2, line 3, a ';' would be more appropriate after 'equivalent car'. Other errors follow.
'Classic Cars': Par.2, line 4, 'Most'instead of 'most'.
'Drive Away Cover': Par.1, line 4, 'free' comma 'of course [...] car-' comma.Par.2, line 1, 'facility' comma. The message here is the same as the one in 'Car Auctions'.
'FAQs': Penultimate question should read 'Will I be covered', not 'cover'. The last question needs a '?'.
'Learner drivers': par.1, line 2, comma 'as well'. 'Under normal circumstances' needs to be between ','. Line 3, comma 'which'. Line 6, 'control' comma. Par.2, line 4,'owner' comma. Par. 5, line 1, comma 'premiums'. Line 2, 'all important' needs '-'. Line 3, 'comprehensive' comma. Par.6, line 1, 'passed' comma. Line 2, comma 'so'.
'Legal issues'; Par.1, line 2, 'them' comma; line 4, comma 'then'. Line 7, 'of course' between ','. etc., describing short term car insurance in general, is very informative and it is obvious that the person behind it is a specialist in the field. However, this much information made public on every website page is a bit too rich and dull. I imagine a typical user would like to have the option of buying insurance, and also looking for answers to any questions he may have, but in one extensive list of questions and answers or through a search function.

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